1) What inspired you to begin building and creating your business? 

REBELLION is inspired by the two core concepts of Bodhiciita and Tikkun Olam. The philosophy behind both of those ideas is vast, but what it boils down to is serving people, reducing suffering, and repairing the world. We believe that the world needs regenerative change, and that change begins through a personal rebellion against the conditioning that maintains any destructive status quo.

2) How do you feel it serves the community and your consumers? 

We are blessed to be able to see the benefit we offer to people in real time. At any of our workshops and retreats, we see people transform profoundly into deeper self love, strong human connection, courageous goals, and clear steps forward in their lives. We are about to launch a podcast, Voices of Rebellion, through which we are excited to help even more people to see the kind of life that is possible for us as individuals, and for us as a species.

3) How do you see your business as an integral part of a larger healing revolution both locally and globally? 

We know that healing can only happen when enough cells within an organism register that something isn’t right. Then the whole body mobilizes to regenerate toward a new equilibrium, ideally something even more healthy than it ever was before. That is how all living systems work, and what is called for on our planet right now. REBELLION is a wake up call, but instead of aggression and destruction of old systems, we are calling for the creation of new systems to make the old system obsolete. When individuals awaken to the truth that they can determine the course of their lives, and that they can thrive best when motivated by compassion, integrity, and service, the entire system can regenerate and heal so much more effectively. That is the role of REBELLION.