Join a community of leaders who are committed to healing themselves, their businesses and the world.




In addition to the impact of our events and other initiatives WALKFEST creates solutions for individuals, communities, organizations and our planet through a commitment to collaboration. We are committed to expanding our healing revolution beyond this organization by supporting others who are
also doing amazing things in the world.

 We stand with and support other groups and projects that align with our mission and that need our assistance.  There is power in numbers!!

We are a platform for change!

WALKFEST will collaborate with the Unstoppable Foundation, a nonprofit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children in developing countries, as its first spotlight partner. A portion of all WALKFEST Event 2018 ticket proceeds will contribute to the foundation’s Olmusereji, “Sponsor a Village” community, where construction has begun on the first schoolhouse.


Together we will fund a package for a village which supports the construction of a schoolhouse plus the necessary tools to implement the 5 pillars crucial to lifting communities out of poverty.

Each of the 5 pillars is designed to be owned and maintained by the community and self-sustained within 5 years after project implementation.

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Trailhead Films creates compelling video content for purpose-driven organizations and institutions.   

Founders Dave Butz and Dana Garrett have decades of experience in news and documentary production and now use their collective talents to tell stories that help raise awareness and support for important causes.

We are proud to partner with WALKFEST and support its mission to bring hope and healing to our hurting world.  

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Soul Sparkle crafts and curates magical, moving experiences for women around the world that bottle up and light on fire all things that bring you back to your own soul and the sparkle within.

We’re welcoming in a new paradigm of women that truly support each other. TRUE support. Like the kind of sisterhood that we have been craving our whole lives. The kind where you know with certainty that you are seen. You are known. You are loved. Where there is nothing but love and joy when you share your good news and support when your heart is heavy. 

Do you have women in your life that support your dreams and your deepest hearts desire? I want you to have the opportunity to surround yourself with incredible women that want only what is in your highest and best, love.  A place that you can speak your dreams out loud and allow us to hold the space and intention for you, and to share the visions of what you see for other sisters so that they may be able to step into the highest version of themselves as well.  A million women serving a million women.

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WE ALL HAVE STORIES OF COURAGE. But, with rare exception, we hide them. We judge ourselves and deem our stories unworthy. They’re either too small, too meaningless or prideful and vast.

So, instead of sharing, we keep them to ourselves. Tucked away for no one else to see. Problem is, when we bury our stories, we bury our souls. Doing this denies us the expression and connection that comes from sharing the moments that define our power. And, it denies others the gift of knowing they’re not alone, and the hope that something better is possible.

Every single story matters.

And that is why the Courage Collective was created to help you share your stories of courage and in so doing help others to move beyond their fears and live their most courageous lives!

The Courage Collective is a global movement where together we are facing 1 million fears, sharing 1 million stories of courage and raising $1 million for charities.  NOW THAT’S TURNING COLLECTIVE COURAGE INTO GLOBAL POWER AND IMPACT. 

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In 2010, Reshma Thakkar, Founder of Made with a Purpose, met six warm and loving women who were sewing uniforms for the children of Sandipani Muni School in Vrindavan, India. These women had been working out of a classroom converted into a sewing center for years doing freelance work to make ends meet. It didn’t take long for Reshma to fall in love with these women and partner with them to build the foundation of Made with a Purpose.
Made with a Purpose creates beautiful handmade bags and accessories.  Each purchase helps to provide a stable, suitable source of income for our women, and empowers them to provide improved quality of life for their families.
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