What is a Global Healing Collective Catalyst?

A Global Healing Collective Catalyst is a leader who is committed to creating impact and igniting positive change. They desire to be a part of a community and passionate about collaboration, amplification and growth. We see catalysts as the seeds to the foundation of our organization.
How do I personally benefit from becoming a Catalyst?

  • Connection with other GHC Catalysts through our private online community.
  • Access to GHC Implementation work labs where you will be able to create virtually alongside other leaders and receive guidance in real time to help you achieve your business goals. Each lab will have an expert in a certain area along with creative breakout rooms in order to brainstorm and get work done.
  • Powerful Catalyst calls based on our 5 pathways offering support, connection and insight.
  • Opportunity to be highlighted in our Conscious Business Toolkit series and Conscious Business Spotlight.
  • 25% Discount to all GHC events.

$47.00 per month. 

Unsubscribe at any time.

What is a Creative Community?

A creative community is an intimate peer to peer group of 8 change-makers that provides support on their path toward a thriving business and more meaningful life. When you join a GHC Creative Community, you’ll receive collegial support and connection to learn along side fellow GHC members to discuss the issues, values, and visions that matter most to your work and life.

A KEY element to our creative communities is the art of trained facilitation allowing for clearer focus, direction, deeper conversations, accountability and insight. We are cultivating groups of 8 peers who will meet virtually twice a month for 90 minutes. The GHC five pathways will inform our conversations, intentions and goals.

“We understand the amount of overwhelm, isolation and thrashing that can happen along the leadership path.”

~Suzanne Hanna Founder and CEO

What you will get from our Creative Communities

✓ New innovative strategies to address your most pressing challenges.

✓ Accountability and alignment with personal and professional goals

✓ Peer connection and collaboration

✓ Increased motivation and insight

✓ Accelerated goal achievement

✓ Laser focus and direction

✓ Reduced isolation

✓ Supportive feedback

✓ Illumination around blind spots

✓ A new way to fulfill your commitment to your personal and professional growth

Do you want to offer your superpowers to the collective?

We are always looking for leaders who are willing to bring their zone of genius to other leaders either through creative community facilitation, work labs, or events. This provides you an opportunity for exposure and supporting others on their own impact driven businesses.

Calendar of Events

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