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The world has changed.
It's time for
a way forward.
We're building it.

The world has changed.
It's time for
a way forward.
We're building it.


We are a group of passionate visionaries, impact-driven entrepreneurs, and collaborative innovators who came together during COVID to build a new way forward. Knowing this is a time desperately calling for positive change, conscious leadership, and exponential impact, we decided to cultivate an all-inclusive community as a way to answer that call.
Suzanne Hanna

Suzanne is a therapist, transformational coach and master shadow worker.

For the past 25 years she has been devoted to guiding others through their internal wilderness removing lifelong barriers in order to find a deep place of alignment with what matters most to them.

Suzanne founded The Wilderness Walk, a revolutionary approach to deep cellular healing using the power of metaphor, nature, group consciousness and sensory integration. She has helped hundreds of people find deeper self acceptance through embracing ALL aspects of who they are; both dark and light.

In 2018 she founded the non-profit organization Global Healing Collective which focuses on providing a platform for conscious leadership offering an innovative approach to collaboration, connection and impact. Her intention and passion is for leaders to have thriving businesses and live more meaningful lives.

Joy Kingsborough

Joy is a Visionary & Spiritual Mentor

Joy is devoted to inspiring, mentoring and spiritually activating world changers who feel pulled by the call of a higher mission to be of service. As creatrix of Mastering the BrainGAME, Quantum Numerology, and MindSHIFT; Joy has helped elevate thousands of people to a higher conscious awareness and level of success in their lives, relationships and businesses.

Her corporate career and degrees in psychology have led her to a unique blending of spirituality and practicality that feels fresh and welcoming to those who are just awakening to their spiritual gifts and those who are well worn on the path. She channels a stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah. They have been working together for more than 20 years and have consistently delivered messages that resonate with a high level of love and compassion for humanity.

Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer of a very specific pedigree. His job goes far beyond physical fitness. You are a Perfect Machine and he is on a mission to remind the human race of this fact so we may freely tune and adjust ourselves with authority. Brandon has designed various classes which he has taught to school students and adults in both Australia and America. Mr. Kelley is committed to ensure everyone on this planet is aware they have the ability to transform themselves and their environment into anything they want. The time of ignorance, unacceptance, and misunderstanding of how powerful and amazing the human species is has ended.
Holly Morphew

Holly Morphew, AFC® is a coach, author, and multi-generational entrepreneur. Her lifelong interest in wealth-building and passion for helping others inspired her to create a service project with Rotary International teaching money workshops for young adults. Her talks impacted thousands of teens across dozens of schools, and in 2008 she was awarded the prestigious “Rotarian of the Year” award for her work in financial literacy.

Holly is the creator of the Financial Impact System, which has guided thousands to wealth and financial independence since it was first introduced in 2006. Author of the book, Simple Wealth, and pioneer in the personal finance industry, her work has been featured in Forbes, CoBiz Magazine, Yahoo Finance, FemFounder and more. Holly’s professional background in corporate finance, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship are the foundation of her transformational programs. Today, Holly speaks, coaches, and writes about money, personal finance, and creating a life of design.

Amy Birks

Amy Birks can see the future. No, she doesn’t use a crystal ball or have ESP. Amy was born with the ability to see the most epic potential in great ideas and the people who bring them to life. Using her GPS-Brain, Amy helps conscious companies and mission-driven founders to focus, scale, and get better results by harnessing their collective wisdom and facilitating the co-creation of optimized digital marketing, messaging, sales, and organizational growth strategies. Like a heat-seeking missile for opportunities and blindspots – and drawing from the philosophies from her international best-selling book, The Hustle-Free Business – Amy advises on the simplest, most effective, efficient (and fun!) ways to grow. Referred to as The Strategy Ninja, Amy’s 10 years of corporate strategy and project management experience, combined with her masterful facilitation techniques, and 7+ years as an online marketing founder herself, make her the purposeful CEO’s secret weapon for sustainable growth and results. She’s also an expert hugger, a spontaneous dance-partier, and has the esteemed honor of being called, “mama” by the coolest kid on the planet.