1) What inspired you to begin building and creating your business? 

I’m deeply concerned about the health of our planet. I’m also concerned at how much quicker we need to change the way we live and consume on our planet. However, people also need and deserve easier access to make those changes. I couldn’t stand how difficult it was to shop sustainably. We cannot expect people to compromise when it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle. That’s what inspired me to start. I want to help solve our sustainability problem.

2) How do you feel it serves the community and your consumers? 

EarthHero exists to make shopping sustainable EASY! In fact, our mission is to make sustainable shopping so easy, everyone does it! We offer a dedicated online marketplace that curates “best-in-class” eco-friendly products across a wide selection of everyday consumer lifestyle categories. We educate, celebrate, and also provide clear, vetted, high quality, eco-friendly brands that make products with the Earth’s best interest in mind.

3) How do you see your business as an integral part of a larger healing revolution both locally and globally? 

Our planet desperately needs help. A consumption paradigm shift is needed. We need to move away from the materialistic paradigm of “more is better, bigger is better, never enough” to a more mindful approach. One where every time we buy something, we consciously do it. As more people consume sustainably, our planet can begin to heal.

EarthHero is on a quest to help make sustainable, earth-friendly commerce the new normal. We inspire conscious commerce by offering trusted, high quality goods that create authentic positive impact. Together, we aim to learn, share, and celebrate a healthier planet. To find out more visit