We are igniting a movement

At GHC, we are building global community collectives, as well as providing tools, programs and experiences to help conscious leaders live more meaningful lives and sustain flourishing businesses.  Our community is filled with inspiring people who are committed to making a difference in the world. We are a collective where you can find amazing friendships, collaborators, inspiration and support.

We believe that the courageous individuals on the forefront of change need to be nourished and supported as it is often an arduous and lonely path.  Unfortunately, many brilliant ideas and missions fall by the wayside due to the lack of support, guidance, and resources.

Our intention is to elevate humanity through nurturing these leaders and businesses so they can send out powerful healing ripples into the world creating a larger impact.


Here is how we plan to do it…..

Become a Catalyst for Change

Every movement begins with brave souls who step up and say YES to creating powerful change. These individuals are the heartbeat of the organization. They are the seeds and roots for creating a massive forest of possibility, hope, and healing. We are blessed to say that many have already come forward and are helping us launch this mission.

We invite you to join the Global Healing Collective today as a Catalyst.

Creative Communities

“Alone you can do so little and together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Our mission is to build a Global Community of Conscious Leaders through developing smaller creative communities all over the world. These creative communities are intimate peer-to-peer facilitated groups of 8 change-makers who are on the path of leading thriving businesses and living a meaningful life.  These leaders are on the forefront of global change.

A KEY element to our creative communities is the the art of trained facilitation allowing for clearer focus, direction, deeper conversations, accountability and insight. We are cultivating groups of 8 peers who will meet virtually twice a month for 75 minutes. The GHC five pathways guide our conversations, intentions and goals.

One person has the ability to affect millions through her or his actions, thoughts, words and beliefs. It is how we show up in the world that dictates whether we send out ripples of destruction or healing, fear or love. Through these creative communities, we are creating healing ripples that will create a tidal wave of impact.

Programs and Resources

Along with our Community Collectives we plan to offer activating events, educational programs, inspirational retreats, mentorship, and life-changing impact projects. We are also providing the space for courageous and raw conversations. All of this is designed to support leaders in living authentic meaningful lives as well as sustaining their mission in the world.

“As I have sought out my own personal truth and launching my mission in the world, I recently had a conversation with someone who asked me, “where are YOU getting support?” Somehow, despite all the work I am doing I had overlooked myself.  I have a lot of business connections and friends. But AM I SUPPORTED? I couldn’t answer that but my heart yearned to know.

I can now say after WALKFEST and learning more about Global Healing Collective I have never felt more at home. My heart felt so full throughout the entire experience. From the very beginning…I felt peace, love, and acceptance. I was invited to BE MYSELF.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for creating a space to find my fire and light my spark, to feel connected and loved, to find my tribe, and for me to find a place to call home.” 

Jentrey Potter – founder of SHERO

Our Culture

Our intention is to draw in leaders from every age, gender, ethnicity and business. We can be different in many ways but ultimately we are all seeking to evolve, grow, and ignite powerful ripples of positive change in the world. We have a shared belief of what truly matters; healing ourselves and the world. Together, our mission is to generate greater impact by helping each other as well as those we come in contact with rise to their greatest potential both personally and professionally.

Founder’s Message

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have built several businesses. I simultaneously have been through my share of challenging events, including illness, loss, financial stress, divorce and multiple moves.

What I have learned over the years is that as entrepreneurs and conscious leaders there is no way to compartmentalize life. Our businesses very often come from a deep internal passion that is integral to WHO we are. The current paradigm has been built on shame and fear. So often we do not ask for what we need or share the ways in which we may be struggling. We fear judgment and alienation which often leads to feelings of isolation.

The same is true for our businesses. The challenges that arise as we launch, grow and work toward sustainability can feel like we are perpetually climbing a mountain with only the occasional view of the breathtaking valley below.

This was why I felt a platform where conscious leaders could receive support in ALL areas of their lives was not only important but NECESSARY.  Our underlying drive is often the desire to create impact, but how do we do this if we are losing ourselves in the process?

It is long overdue for us to shift this outdated paradigm to one of connection, collaboration, support, aligned leadership and collective impact. 

Suzanne Hanna